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West Pittwater Rural Fire Brigade

West Pittwater is a Village 1 Category brigade.

We are trained in, and offer, the following services, to the community

What we do

We are part of the bush fire fighting section of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

As such we can be called on to fight bushfires of all types and sizes, all across the state.

We are obviously, particularly interested in fighting fires near home. Living on the edge of the national park, such fire fighting is always in mind.

Bush Fire Fighting

We are the local response unit for house fires.

As we are remote from the services of the New South Wales Fire Brigades, we have to ensure we are in a position to respond to village fires in houses.

Village also includes car fires and accidents.

Finally it includes boat fires, which are reasonably common.


Village Fire Fighting

Assistance with Search and Rescue and assistance with Medical Evacuations.

As we are remote from normal medical service, we can be called on to assist the evacuation of community members to onshore medical facilities

Community Services

We run community education events and are always on hand as the point of contact for the community, when it comes to fire safety advivce.

Community Education