We’re               and we know it......

West Pittwater Rural Fire Brigade

Photo Gallery

South Elvina Park and Station

South Elvina Wharf

Elvina Bay w/ Elvina 15

Elvina Bay to Scotland Island

Our new 38mm Fog  Nozzle

South Elvina Workshop

Some snapshots of West Pittwater and the Brigade

Date: 20/10/08

The new structure helmets

Elvina Bay at low tide

What happens when a trainee driver misjudges the Cat 7’s turning circle

Elvina Track, heading towards fireshed

The new members getting into it—nice hose roll, Melinda!

We’ve got hold of some pictures from way back when the South Elvina Fireshed was young. Looks like beards were go, then….

The fireshed was nothing but a gleam in a concreters eye….

The fireshed opening

The old fire truck

Original Elvina PC

Photo’s from the RFS Open Day

Photo’s from the West Pittwater / Ingleside Boat Training Day